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Take a moment and focus on how you currently handle your investments. Then make a mental note of your answers to the following questions:

  1. There are tens of thousands of investments available to you - how do you determine WHAT to buy and sell?

  2. Financial markets change rapidly - how do you decide WHEN to buy and sell?

  3. The returns available from different investments vary enormously - are the returns you're achieving on your investments reasonable?

  4. Bear markets that cost over 20% of an investment's value occur about every five years; 5% and 10% downturns are even more common - are you taking too much risk for your situation? Too little?

  5. Many methods have been developed to manage the risk and return of investments (true diversification, active management, and hedging for example) - are you utilizing all of the approaches available to you?

  6. If you're busy at work, enjoying your family, relaxing on vacation, or suddenly disabled - who will monitor your investments AND make day-to-day decisions in your absence?

  7. Do you need investments service or investment products?

OnTarget Investing provides the answer to all of these questions.
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